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  • Standard unit on dual wheels and steel rims with mechanical suspension fitted.
  • Length – (leader, 6 100 mm and follower, 12 200 mm).
  • Width – 2 480 mm or 2 600 mm.


  • Manufactured by using a fabricated “I” Beam, with special high tensile Domex 700 bottom and top flanges.
  • Domex is high tensile steel, imported from Sweden that is used specifically for its unique strength and durability in our trailer  applications. 
  • It allows for a light weight design thus increasing the payload of the trailer without losing strength and durability.


  • Anti – under run type fitted with steel light box.
  • The Under run bumper is designed and tested to SABS specification and homologated as a unique Top Trailers part.


  • Fixed or folding headboard of 1,0m high.


  • Hot Rolled Floor sheets of 3 mm each are mounted onto a unique one piece cross member which are joggled through the chassis and spaced 500 mm apart.
  • According to customer specifications, different material and thickness can be used.


  • Supraform channels are fitted.


  • Top Trailers landing legs will be fitted as standard, but provision can be made for poke-in type Landing Legs.


  • Flange type for quick and easy service and repair.
  • 2 inch kingpin manufactured from EN 19 bright steel.
  • As this component is a wear item and safety critical, it is important to be regularly inspected.
  • The bolt - on design is more expensive than the fixed kingpin but allows for easy service and replacement.


  • Mondo Propar Axles 127 mm round axles with grease hubs, spigot mount studs and outboard drums.
  • Rated capacity of 16 ton, although only 9 ton is legally allowed.
  • Tempered axle beam ensures durability.
  • This design is customized to comply with industry standards, therefore spares are easy accessible in Africa.
  • The outboard drum allows for easy service and replacement without the need to dismantle the hub, and therefore ensures longer bearing life.


  • Mechanical F2 / J2 suspension with 8 spring blades.


  • Auto slack adjusters.
  • Legislation requires the use of Auto Slack Adjusters.
  • This is a safety critical component, and
  • It ensure that the brake lining play is in such a position as to ensure maximum brake force at all times.


  • Wabco ABS brake system is professionally installed in accordance to the SABS specifications.
  • Dual line anti brake lock system with emergency braking.
  • The ABS system brakes automatically in case of accidental damaged.
  • The brake system is independent from the air suspension system and therefore protected.
  • Should the air suspension malfunction, the braking system will continue to operate safely.


  • Tubeless tyres.
  • 17 x 12 R 22.5 tubeless tyres
  • The spare wheel carrier is designed to minimize theft.


  • Steel tubeless rims for spigot mount axles.
  • 17 x 9’00   x 22.5 Steel rims


  • LED Wonder lights (4 + 8), installed in accordance to the SABS specifications.
  • A light cluster consists of lots of small LED lights, that has the advantage of using only a small amount of electricity.
  • If one of the small LED lights should fail, the remainder of the LED lights will continue to operate, and ensures that the trailer can still be operated legally and safely.


  • All steel is cleaned by phosphate prior to applying 2 coats of primer and 2 final coats of Dulux Transtech 2K in your company’s corporate colours.
  • A chemical reaction occurs when mixing the paint with the hardener that ensures a paint that is durable and ultraviolet resistant, hence reducing the risk of fading from direct sunlight.
  • Another advantage is that accident repairs to the trailer/s can be painted with little to no risk of colour mismatching.


  • 18 x Load locks each with a 9m cargo strap
  • 1 x Standard toolbox
  • 2 x Basket type spare wheel carriers
  • 1 x Wheel spanner and Tommy bar
  • 2 x Warning triangles.
  • 2 x Double license holders
  • Reflective tape mounted as per SABS specifications
  • Nameplate
  • Corner plate carrier
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